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The nickel and dime formations were both coined with money in mind. The dime adds a sixth defensive back (DB) to the formation. Two nickels make a dime.

Nickel & Dime is my personal blog about playing American Football in Austria and Europe. Here I want to share with you experiences and personal moments from a player's perspective.

Founder & Lead Writer

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Hi, I'm Ugochukwu aka Ugo. I am 22 years old and born in Nigeria. I came to Vienna as child, so basically I've been here all my life

In 2015 I have graduated, at HTL Leberstraße with main emphasis on building construction and continued with studying Architecture at the Technical University in Vienna.

I fell in love with this sport mainly because I like the physical & tactical aspects of the game.

I started playing American Football in 2010 as a middle linebacker and since 2015 I have been part of the first team of the Dacia Vikings Vienna.

In 2016 I started my coaching career as Linebacker Coach for the U15 of the Dacia Vikings. In all those years I was nominated for the U19 and Men's Nationalteam of Austria.

Achievements as a Player (so far):

  • 1x Austrian Bowl Champion (2017)

  • 2x Vice Austrian Bowl Champion (2018,2015)

  • 1x Silverbowl Champion (2014)

  • 1x Vice Silverbowl Champion (2013)

  • 1x Vice Men's European Champion (2018)

  • 2x U19 European Champion (2015,2013)

  • 2x Jugend Bowl Champion (2013,2011)

  • 1x Vice Jugend Bowl Champion (2012)

Achievements as a Coach (so far):

  • 2x U15 Champion (2017,2016)

  • 1x Vice U15 Champion (2018)


Ravelinstraße, 1110 Wien


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